Can You Bring an Umbrella on a Plane?

Can You Bring an Umbrella on a Plane
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When traveling and boarding an airplane, we always have a few questions about the flight or the airline per se. For instance, many ask, “Can you bring an umbrella on a plane?”

Although most travellers agree that it is ideal to always bring your umbrella with you wherever you go, doing so is usually subject to airline policy.

Can You Bring an Umbrella on a Plane?

Different airline, different rules. When it comes to bringing umbrellas, it all depends on your airline. Umbrellas fall into the accessories category, which is typically allowed in the cabin.

Some airlines even allow the weight to be in addition to your allowed hand-carry weight. However, others require the umbrella to be within your carry-on weight limit.

Security checkpoints may have a problem with your umbrella if it has a rather sharp metal tip as this can be deemed dangerous. You may prevent this from happening by simply covering the tip with tape or a small piece of rubber or just by choosing to bring a less dangerous-looking one.

Generally, if an airline does not allow an umbrella in your carry on, it won’t be because of the umbrella’s pointiness, but due to the excessive length. This is because airlines have their own size and weight restrictions.

The best way to go around this restriction is to bring a small foldable umbrella that will fit in your bag. A compact, pocket umbrella is more likely to be allowed in the cabin.

On the other hand, the crew might just ask for the umbrella to be kept in their on-board closet if the umbrella is considered excessive. This might be a good option if you have a full-length umbrella with you.

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What You Can and Cannot Bring in Your Carry-On Bag

Apart from umbrellas, you may also become clueless about which stuff are allowed on a plane and which are not. Bringing restricted items with you will not only cost you time and effort but also money.

To save you from the hassle, here is a guide to what you can and cannot pack into your hand luggage:

Everyday Items

In case your flight is a lengthy one, you may want to do some crafts to keep you busy. Like umbrellas, scissors are allowed on a plane as long as its blades are no more than six centimeters long, and they have rounded edges.

So, you can bring one with your carry-on, together with your sewing or knitting needles and start a project through your 12-hour trip.

Aside from these, canes, spoon, and disposable razors with fixed blades are allowed as well. You may also bring your nail clipper, tweezer, and contact lens solution in your carry-on luggage.

Some airlines allow a lighter or a box of matches as long as the person is carrying them and not inside the carry-on luggage. However, this would usually be a long shot. Lastly, while needles and scissors are allowed, knives, metal forks and cutters are a big no no.

Electrical Gadgets

Electronic items like laptops, hair dryers, hair straighteners, and electric razor are typically allowed on board. You may also bring your tablet, MP3 player, and camera (including the camera equipment).

However, you must check with your airline if you are traveling to the UK, as the country recently has an inflight laptop ban.

Nevertheless, your electronic items generally can be packed in your hand luggage. Note that most airlines ask that the electronic items are fully-charged or have enough battery to last the flight. So, don’t forget to charge them beforehand!

Medicine or Pills

Airlines allow medicines and pills in the cabin. These include syrups, suspensions, or other liquid medicines given they are only 100 ml or less. Check with your airline if you need to bring more than that.

In case you need oxygen, respirators, ventilators, and other medical equipment with you, please ask your airline about their conditions about this.


Most airlines allow liquids that are no more than 100 mL, but if you have a baby with you, you may bring in sterile water in feeding bottles. Other food items, like jams, honey, syrups, yogurt, sauces, soups, and fresh, soft cheese are not allowed. You must not bring oil and vinegar with you as well.

Nevertheless, you may bring baby food, powdered milk, dried fruits, and nuts. Truffles or filled chocolates are allowed but to limited amounts.

Sports Equipment

In general, sports equipment like tennis rackets, bats, golf clubs, hiking or walking stick, fishing rod, diving equipment, javelin, and swords are not allowed on board.

If you are joining a sports competition at your destination and need to bring your equipment with you, make sure to pack them safely and securely as they will be going in the check-in hold. The only sports equipment allowed in the carry-on is a sports parachute.

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Tools and Equipment

Are you a handyman or hobbyist? Like most sports equipment, you may not bring your tools and equipment like hammer, drill, and saw in the cabin. You have to take these in the hold if you need to bring them with you.

Other Miscellaneous Items

Other items that you cannot bring in with your cabin luggage include canned goods, camping tents, and all sharp, pointed, and hazardous materials. Chemical and toxic substances are obviously not allowed, and these include cleaning products and hair dye. Christmas crackers and any other form of firecrackers are not allowed as well.

Take note that candles are considered liquid, so just leave them home and simply shop for those jasmine-scented candles at your destination if you can’t sleep without them.


There are rules to follow when it comes to carrying umbrellas and other things in your carry-on baggage. While lots of items are restricted, there are things that you can easily bring with you in the cabin.

So, can you bring an umbrella on a plane? The answer is yes, along with many other important things. Just follow the rules and go with the restrictions. Bring your umbrellas with you and enjoy your trip.