Bagail Reverse Folding Umbrella Review

Bagail Reverse Folding Umbrella Review
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Bagail Reverse Folding Umbrella: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Strong and durable
  • C-shaped handle
  • UV protection at UPF 50 and above

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t come with a carrying bag

Even though there are people who don’t care much about umbrellas, some of us still do care. For many decades, we haven’t seen much improvement in umbrella design, but recent years have brought some rather charming changes, and then some.

Recently, there’s been an expansion of reverse folding umbrella, and it’s no wonder, as they are much more practical than their ordinary counterparts. Clever design, numerous colors to choose from, top-notch materials used, what’s not to like? Still, you have no clue which one is the right one. Let us introduce you to one of the most interesting folding umbrellas on the market.

Bagail Reverse Folding Umbrella Review

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So, what’s the catch with the reverse folding umbrella? Well, it does keep you from getting wet in the rain, but it also keeps your floors and your car from getting wet. How so? Once you close it and enter your car, it keeps the water from dripping all over.

Besides this, it also offers UV protection, and due to the fact that it has two layers of sturdy fabric, it is much more wind resistant than ordinary umbrellas.

Who’s It For?

Well, basically, everyone. It’s not just an ordinary umbrella, it’s a huge improvement over the age-old design, and it will keep you and everything around you from getting wet when it’s raining outside.

It comes with a C-shaped handle, so it gives you the opportunity to use both your hands while you’re still completely dry. The Bagail reverse folding umbrella is a highly innovative product which will appeal to virtually anyone.

What’s Included?

Once you open the packaging, you will be greeted by just your new reverse folding umbrella. It doesn’t come with any additional accessories.

Overview of Features

Let’s just first say that like any good umbrella out there, this reverse folding one by Bagail has a diameter of 46 inches when opened, which makes it more than wide enough for two people. This is important if you plan to go on long romantic walks in the rain.

Obviously, the most important feature over here is the fact that the umbrella folds in a reverse manner, so that once you fold it, all the moisture stay on the inside. This way you won’t get your car or the floors of your home wet when you come in from the rain.

On top of that, it is designed so that it can stand on its own. You don’t need a tray for it and you don’t need to hang it somewhere. It does come with a Velcro strap, but we suggest not using it until the umbrella is completely dry.

When you take a look at the construction, you will soon find that it’s made with rather sturdy black ribs, which is very handy when it’s windy outside. Over the ribs comes the pongee cloth. The overall quality of the construction makes this umbrella twice as wind resistant as other umbrellas on the market.

Another great thing about this umbrella is that it actually provides you with UV protection and it basically acts as a UPF 50+ sunscreen, so you can also use it on sunny days and not get sunburned while doing so. Its light transmittance rate is zero.

Those of you who are very fashion-oriented will greatly appreciate the fact that there are numerous color and pattern options to choose from, and those include black, blue dot, blue flower, orange flower, peacock, pink, purple daisy, red, red dot, red and white dot, stripe, and white dot.

Last but not least, we need to mention the C-shaped handle and explain why it looks like that. Besides providing an excellent grip, it is designed such that you can basically hang the umbrella over your wrist, which leaves your hands free. This might be of great interest to all young moms out there. Also, the design makes lives much easier for all those who are wheelchair bound but still need to get out when it’s raining. It’s worth pointing out that Bagail’s reverse folding umbrellas do come with a straight handle in case you don’t like their revolutionary C-shaped one.

How to Use It

These days, it’s easier to watch a video than read descriptions and manuals, so perhaps the way to explain how revolutionary these reverse folding umbrellas are is for you to watch this video.


Even though the market for reverse folding umbrellas is a new one, and relatively small, there is always room for improvement. As much as we like the Bagail umbrella, we still think it would benefit greatly from an automatic opening and closing system, as featured on this model from Third Floor Umbrellas.


Reverse folding umbrellas are a simple but great way to enhance our lives, especially for those who live in areas where there’s a lot of rain. This is not a product which will break your bank, and you’re probably going to love it for its clever simplicity.